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Online Payments

You must be able to describe the document and the total amount you are paying (e.g., case number, style, and document number). A separate form must be used for each case number. If you do not know the detailed information described above, contact the clerk's office by phone at 404-215-1000.

By using the Online Payment Form you can make payments with your debit card or via electronic draft from your bank account (ACH) for the following:

  • Filing Fee installment or full payments for chapters 7, 11, 12, and 13
  • Payment of other fees owed to the court for motions, amendments, or copies

If requesting copies of documents, first submit a copy request online or by phone (404-215-1169). After being notified of the cost of your copies, you may return here to pay if $5.50 or more.

This form cannot be used for your Chapter 13 plan payments to the trustee.

This form is for payment of fees to the Bankruptcy Court only and does not substitute for the proper filing of a motion or amendment in your case with the Clerk’s Office.

Submit an Online Payment Form