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Fees & Amendments

The Fee Table contains a list of the fees collected by the bankruptcy clerk. Filing fees are due at the time that a petition or pleading is filed with the Court.

Application to Pay in Installments

If you cannot afford to pay the full filing fee when you first file for bankruptcy, you may file an Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments. The Court must approve your application and payment timetable. Payment of the filing fee in installments does not modify the obligation of the Debtor to pay the filing fee in full even in the event that the Debtor's case is dismissed. Your debts will not be discharged until you pay the entire fee.

Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived

If you cannot afford to pay the entire chapter 7 filing fee in full or in installments, you can file an Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived. If you file this application, you are asking the court to waive the chapter 7 filing fee. After reviewing your application, the court may waive the fee, set a hearing for further investigation, or require you to pay the fee in installments or in full. More information on Chapter 7 Fee Waivers.

Amendment Fee

The clerk must collect $34 for each amendment to a debtor's schedules of creditors (Schedules D and/or E/F) or the list of creditors. The fee is assessed per filing, so if an amendment contains more than one change to the list of creditors, the clerk will charge only one $34 fee.

Pro Se Instructions for Filing Amendments