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The Reaffirmation Project

A reaffirmation agreement is an agreement by a chapter 7 debtor to continue paying a dischargeable debt (such as an auto loan) after the bankruptcy, usually for the purpose of keeping collateral (i.e. the car) that would otherwise be subject to repossession.  Reaffirmation Agreements are strictly voluntary, and in some instances, require the approval of the bankruptcy judge.

The Reaffirmation Project was developed by the Bankruptcy Section of the Atlanta Bar Association in collaboration with the Atlanta Legal Aid Society. The Reaffirmation Project will provide free counseling to unrepresented debtors seeking to enter into reaffirmation agreements. The goal of the project is to enable pro se debtors to make informed decisions about reaffirmation. Volunteer attorneys will provide counseling to pro se debtors prior to scheduled hearings on reaffirmation agreements.

Reaffirmation Project Debtor Information Packet

Hearings on Reaffirmation Agreements

In order to assist with The Reaffirmation Project, the Court will schedule all hearings on reaffirmation agreements on a single day before the same judge, regardless of which judge is assigned to the case.

For attorneys who are self-calendaring a hearing on a reaffirmation agreement - The hearing dates for all reaffirmation agreements can be accessed through the Available Hearing Dates page.  Please use the correct hearing date and DO NOT use a regular mass calendar date. A form notice of hearing is attached below for use in setting hearings on reaffirmation agreements.

Form Notice