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Online Copy Requests

The Clerk’s Office will fulfill copy requests at a cost of $.50 per page if the file is available in the Clerk's Office. If the case file has been archived, we will email instructions to you for obtaining the requested copies from the Federal Records Center. If you require the document(s) to be certified, there is a certification fee of $12.00 per document. If you do not have a case number and are requesting a records search, a fee of $34.00 will apply. Copy requests can also be made in person in the Clerk's Office at any of our divisional offices.

PACER (Public Access Court Electronic Records) If you already have a PACER login and you would like to access the PACER system, please click here You can obtain copies of documents through PACER for a charge of $.10 cents per page.

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List the documents to be copied. Please include the document number and the date filed, if available (e.g., Order of Dismissal, document #00): Payment must be received before copies will be provided. You will be contacted regarding payment at the email address you provided above. Click Submit only once.