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CM/ECF Registration

Attorneys, creditors, and filing agents employed by attorneys and/or trustees, who seek access to CM/ECF to file electronically in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia (“GANB”) should follow the instructions contained in the links below for registering to file as an Attorney or Non-attorney.

All Applicants seeking permission to file electronically in GANB must be familiar with the United States Bankruptcy Code and review the court’s Local Rules and additional policies and procedures as outlined in the court’s CM/ECF Administrative Procedures.

All Applicants seeking permission to file electronically in GANB must view the CM/ECF Training Videos before access to GANB’s Live CM/ECF database will be granted. Training requirements may be waived if you are currently a CM/ECF electronic filer in another Bankruptcy Court.

By submitting a registration to file electronically, all Applicants attest they have completed the court’s training requirements and have reviewed the court’s CM/ECF Administrative Procedures.

Policy Regarding Electronic Filing by Attorneys
Instructions for Attorney Filers Registering to E-file
Instructions for Non-Attorney Limited Filers Registering to E-file

Attention Creditors

Proofs of claims and amended proofs of claims can be filed electronically through ePOC on the court’s website. A login and password are not required.

Benefits to Creditors who use ePOC include:
• Immediate electronic confirmation of their filing (filed stamped copy of claim form);
• Elimination of copying, postage and/or delivery costs; and
• Access to file claims through ePOC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no fees.

Click HERE to file a proof of claim now through ePOC.