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Attorney Wireless

The Attorney Admissions Fund for the Northern District of Georgia funds free access to a wireless internet network for bankruptcy attorneys, trustees and their staffs doing business with the Bankruptcy Court. Wireless access is available on all bankruptcy courtroom floors in all divisions beginning Monday, August 21, 2017.

Use of computers in the courtroom is permitted only to the extent that it does not interfere with judicial proceedings or the ability of the public to observe the proceedings. A presiding judge may order the discontinuance of the use of such computers at any time.

The Court cannot provide technical support for the wireless network related to hardware, software, or the operating system. Authorized users will be provided with a password for access to the wireless network. In Atlanta and Newnan, the wireless network password will be provided in the attorney lounges. In Rome and Gainesville, the wireless network password will be available at the Clerk’s Office Intake Counter.

Please review the attachments below before accessing the wireless network:

GANB-Atty Wireless Information and FAQs

Wireless Network Terms of Use

How to Connect to the GANB-Atty Wireless Network