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Public Notice Regarding Docketing of Audio Recordings

Monday, August 15, 2022

Beginning Monday, August 15, 2022, audio files of some hearings and matters designated by the judges will be available on the docket.  When the docket entry is created, a speaker icon will display indicating that embedded audio content in MP3 format is available.

To listen to an audio file:

  • Click the document number to display the PDF file.
  • Click the attachment icon (paperclip) at the far left corner to play the audio file with the audio play available on your computer (such as Windows Media Player).

Important Reminders:

  • An embedded audio file is NOT the official record of any court proceeding.
  • There is a PACER fee of $2.40 to access a PDF file document with an audio file.

Docketed Audio Recording Job Aid

M. Regina Thomas
Clerk of Court