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Public Notice Regarding Distribution Lists and Requirements of BLR 9013-2 Preparation of Proposed Orders

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Since the adoption of new Local Rules for the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Northern District of Georgia on September 1, 2019, some proposed orders are being submitted with distribution lists that contain only email addresses for some intended recipients.  While the Bankruptcy Local Rules now provide for electronic service of some pleadings and documents (see BLR 5005-8) all proposed orders must meet the requirements of BLR 9013-2 Preparation of Proposed Orders.  In pertinent part, the rule states “If the Bankruptcy Clerk is to serve the order, the order must be accompanied by a distribution list containing the names and addresses of the attorneys and parties to be served.  If the proposed order seeks to have the Bankruptcy Clerk serve all parties in the case, the distribution list shall state All Parties on the Mailing Matrix.”
Effective immediately, a proposed order submitted with a distribution list that does not comply with the requirements of BLR 9013-2 will be returned to the submitter for corrective action.
M. Regina Thomas
Clerk of Court