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Public Notice Regarding Amended and Restated General Order 26-2019

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

General Order 26-2019 Procedures for Complex Chapter 11 Cases has been amended by the Court as follows:
To require the filing of a first day affidavit in support of the request to designate a case “complex” and in support of the request for expedited first day hearings. See Section A, par 2(a) and Section E, par 1.
To eliminate a specific number of parties in interest which may support designating a case complex and requesting the debtor state affirmatively the number of parties in interest.  See Section A, par 1(b) and Exhibit A, Notice of Designation of Complex Case.
The Amended and Restated General Order may be found here.  It is also posted under the "Local Rules and General Order" tab and the Chapter 11 Procedures Tab. 
A black line of the changes to General Order 26-2019 may be found here.
M. Regina Thomas
Clerk of Court