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Public Notice – Important Reminders and Updates from the Clerk’s Office

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Update of CM/ECF Events:
Forbearance Agreements Under the CARES Act:
On April 14, 2020 a public notice was issued announcing a new local CM/ECF event for docketing of forbearance agreements under the CARES Act. This event is now superseded by a nationally released CM/ECF event.  The main difference is the addition of a prompt requiring the filer to enter the number of days of the forbearance. 
It also prompts the user with Yes and No radio buttons and asks if a certificate of service is included with the document being filed.

  • If Yes is selected, docket text will include “with Certificate of Service” verbiage.
  • If No is selected, the message, “After Filing This Document, File the Certificate of Service event located under the Bankruptcy > Other Category” will appear.   

Notice of Mortgage Payment Change Related to Mortgage Forbearance:
The Notice of Mortgage Payment Change and Notice of Mortgage Payment Change (NO POC FILED) CM/ECF events have been modified to include Yes or No radio buttons asking if the document being filed is for a Notice of Mortgage Forbearance.

  • If Yes is selected, a message is displayed directing the filer to use the Notice of Mortgage Forbearance event and filer cannot proceed.
  • If No is selected, the Notice of Mortgage Payment Change event can proceed as usual.

These changes are now live in CM/ECF.
Proposed Orders and Distribution Lists
Please review the public notice issued October 8, 2019 regarding distribution lists and the requirements of BLR 9013-2.  If a proposed order seeks to have the Bankruptcy Clerk serve all parties in a case, it is not necessary to attach the mailing matrix.  The distribution list need only state “The Clerk of Court shall serve all parties on the Mailing Matrix.”  Including the mailing matrix with a proposed order will result in the order being returned for corrective action.  If only certain parties are to be served with the order, the distribution list should include those specific parties with a complete mailing address.

General Order 33-2020 (Extended by General Order 35-2020)
Please review the requirements of General Order 33-2020 (extended by General Order 35-2020) regarding the electronic filing of a Verified Paper, including the voluntary petition.  The Court temporarily modified the requirements of BLR 5005-7(c), specifically providing that if debtor’s attorney chooses to file a Verified Paper without possession of the original signature of his/her client, “The debtor’s attorney must file a certification within 30 days of filing the Verified Paper that he/she has received the debtor’s original signature and will maintain it in accordance with BLR 5005-7(c).”  Please recall that the CM/ECF “Notice” event was modified in both Bankruptcy Events and Adversary Events to assist in the filing of the required certification.

§341 Meetings of Creditors
U.S. Trustee Program has extended telephonic Section 341 Meetings to cases filed Through July 10, 2020 – more information is available at:

Thank you for your cooperation.  Questions about any of these announcements may be sent to

M. Regina Thomas
Clerk of Court
April 28, 2020