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NOTICE regarding new Order Regarding The List of Creditors

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

On Friday, November 1, the Court will begin issuing an Order Regarding The List of Creditors in cases where missing creditor information prevents the Clerk's Office from serving in a timely manner to affected creditors the Notice of Commencement of Case (341 Notice).

The Order Regarding The List of Creditors will address the failure to provide a list of creditors in both paper and electronic cases. The order will also address the failure to properly upload these creditors in an electronically filed case at the time voluntary petition is filed. The order will provide a seven (7) day deadline to cure any deficiency noted.

In an electronically filed case, the list of creditors should be docketed in pdf format to comply with Rule 1007(a)(1) and provide a means to verify the accuracy of the electronic record. Additionally, creditor information should be uploaded electronically. Both of these actions are critical and necessary.

Please note, in order to cure the deficiency in cases where the creditor information is not uploaded properly, the attorney will be required to docket a certificate of service showing that all creditors have been served with the Notice of Commencement of Case.

Thank you for your attention to these important process changes.