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Important GANB Docketing Event Change -

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Effective Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Currently there are two CM/ECF events used to add/amend creditors - (1) Amendment to Schedules D, E and/or F (FEE) & (2) Amended List of Creditors (FEE).
CM/ECF administrative procedures for the event - Amendment to D, E and/or F (FEE) - include a two step process with the following requirements:
- an amendment cover sheet detailing the changes included on the amended schedules
- if creditors are being added, a supplemental list of creditors containing ONLY the names and addresses of those creditors added by the amendment

AND for the second step of the process
- the supplemental list of creditors should be saved separately in a text(.txt) format so that creditors added can be uploaded electronically (access the Creditor Maintenance menu to upload).
Beginning Tuesday, April 1, 2014, users will be able to docket amendments to D, E, and/or F as well as upload the amended creditor information in one unified process. In other words, the second step of saving the text file and accessing the Creditor Upload feature through the Creditor Maintenance menu will no longer be necessary.
In addition, many prompts have been added to remind filers of the importance of including the cover sheet, the supplemental list of creditors containing the names / addresses only of the added creditors, and of adding the creditor information to the electronic file.
There will still be instances where one may elect to follow the two step process. If, for example, a large number of creditors are being added, using the text file may be more efficient.
The second event - Amended List of Creditors (FEE) - is still available and will have the prompts allowing the user options for the manner in which creditor names/addresses are added to the record.
When using either event - Amendment to Schedules D,E and/or F (FEE) or Amended List of Creditors (FEE) - the user should complete the process in full. Failure to do so will prevent parties from being properly served with future notices from the Court.
You may access these revised events in the Test Database and practice docketing before April 1, 2014. This change will simplify the docketing process and significantly reduce the number of deficiency notices issued.
Thank You