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Filing Requirements - Chapter 7 Petition

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Review appropriate instructions before completing forms:

Instructions for Bankruptcy Forms for Individuals            • Instructions for Bankruptcy Forms for Non-Individuals


Form #

Form #


Voluntary Petition B 101 B 201  
Statement of Financial Affairs B 107 B 207  
Schedule A/B: Property B 106A/B B 206A/B  
Schedule C: Property You Claim as Exempt B 106C N/A • Individual only
Schedule D: Creditors Who Hold Claims Secured by Property B 106D B 206D  
Schedule E/F: Creditors Who Have Unsecured Claims B 106E/F B 206E/F  
Schedule G: Executory Contracts and Unexpired Leases B 106G B 206G  
Schedule H: Your Codebtors B 106H B 206H  
Schedule I: Your Income B 106I N/A • Individual only
Schedule J: Your Expenses B 106J N/A • Individual only
Schedule J-2: Expenses for Separate Household of Debtor 2 B 106J-2 N/A • If an Individual joint case and if Debtor 1 and Debtor 2 keep separate households, Debtor 2 must complete and include Schedule J-2
Disclosure of Compensation of Attorney for Debtor B 2030 B 2030 • If debtor is represented by an attorney
Statement of Intention B 108 N/A • Individual only
Summary of Assets and Liabilities B 106Sum B 206Sum  
Declaration About Debtor's Schedules B 106Dec B 202  
Bankruptcy Petition Preparer's Notice, Declaration, and Signature B 119 B 119 • If petition/forms were prepared by a petition preparer
Disclosure of Compensation of Bankruptcy Petition Preparer B 2800 B 2800 • If petition/forms were prepared by a petition preparer
Ch. 7 Statement of Your Current Monthly Income B 122A-1 N/A • Individual Chapter 7 debtor(s) must complete this form
Statement of Exemption from Presumption of Abuse Under §707(b)(2) B 122A-1Supp N/A • Individual Chapter 7 debtor(s) who do not have primarily consumer debts or who have provided certain military or homeland defense services
Ch. 7 Means Test Calculation B 122A-2 N/A • If Individual Chapter 7 debtor's completed Form 122A-1 shows income above the median, this form must be completed
List of Creditors -- -- • Names and addresses only of all creditors (More Information/Guidelines)

Forms to Complete Petition (filed as separate documents):

Statement of Social Security Number B 121 N/A • Individual only
Pro Se Affidavit Local F61 Local F61 • If debtor is not represented by an attorney
Certificate of Credit Counseling -- N/A • Individual only (Credit Counseling required prior to filing - More Information)
Payment Advices or
Statement Regarding Pay Stubs
Local Form
N/A • Individual only
• Copies of Pay Stubs (or other evidence of payment) received from any employer within 60 days prior to filing; OR a Statement signed by the Debtor certifying within 60 days prior to filing, the debtor did not receive pay stubs from any employer and was either Unemployed, Self−employed or other explanation.
Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments Local App N/A • If individual debtor is seeking to pay the filing fee in installments
Application to Have the Chapter 7 Filing Fee Waived B 103B N/A • If Individual debtor is seeking filing fee to be waived (More Information)
Corporate Resolution N/A -- • Corporation only