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BLR 9017-1. Procedures Regarding Exhibits at Hearing or Trial.

(a) Marking, Listing, and Exchanging of Exhibits Prior to Hearing or Trial. A party that expects to offer exhibits into evidence at a hearing or trial must (1) sequentially number the exhibits prior to the hearing or trial and mark each exhibit with such number and the name of the introducing party or other appropriate identification (such as plaintiff, defendant, movant, respondent, debtor, creditor, trustee, etc.); (2) provide a list of such exhibits that the party may use as part of its case in chief to opposing counsel, to any unrepresented party, and to the Bankruptcy Court not later than the commencement of the hearing or trial if there are more than five exhibits; and (3) provide a copy of any exhibit for inspection and use by opposing counsel or unrepresented parties at the time it is first used at a hearing or trial. The provisions of this rule do not supersede the requirements of a pretrial order, scheduling order, and other BLR and Bankruptcy Rules that require the production or listing of documents at an earlier time.

(b) Custody of Exhibits Presented at Hearing or Trial. Unless the Bankruptcy Court orders otherwise, the courtroom deputy shall retain custody of exhibits offered into evidence at any hearing or trial until thirty days after the date on which the order, judgment, or recommendation entered in the proceeding in which the exhibits were introduced has become final and is not subject to further appeal, review, or consideration by the District Court, the Court of Appeals, or the Supreme Court. Within thirty days thereafter, the attorney for the introducing party, or an unrepresented introducing party, must retrieve from the courtroom deputy all exhibits offered by such party that are in the custody of the courtroom deputy. Exhibits that are not timely removed in accordance with this rule may be destroyed or otherwise disposed of by the Bankruptcy Clerk.