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BLR 9015-3. Procedure When Parties Do Not Consent to Trial by Jury in the Bankruptcy Court.

(a) Transfer to District Court. If the right to jury trial applies and a timely jury trial demand has been made, the Bankruptcy Judge shall transfer the contested matter or adversary proceeding to the District Court when the Bankruptcy Judge determines that the contested matter or adversary proceeding is ready for trial, unless the parties consent in a filing with the Bankruptcy Court to jury trial in the Bankruptcy Court. Prior to transferring the case, the Bankruptcy Judge will rule on all discovery motions, other pretrial motions, and summary judgment motions, as provided by law, and shall enter a pretrial order.

(b) Remand Upon Withdrawal of Jury Demand. When an adversary proceeding is transferred to the District Court under BLR 9015-3(a), and the parties then withdraw the jury demand, the adversary proceeding will be returned to the Bankruptcy Court for a bench trial, unless the District Judge orders otherwise.