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BLR 9013-3. Service of Orders and Notices.

(a) For orders and notices that the Bankruptcy Clerk does not serve, the serving party must file a Certificate of Service including a list of the complete names and mailing addresses of the parties and attorneys served, the dates of service, and the manner of service. If service is being made by electronic transmission, service must comply with BLR 5005-8. If service is being made in a chapter 13 case, see the General Order on Requirement of Local Form for Chapter 13 Plans and Related Procedures.

(b) When service is permitted by facsimile, service of an order or notice may be made by transmitting it by facsimile to the attorney’s or party’s office with a cover sheet containing the sender’s name, firm, address, telephone number, facsimile number, e-mail address, and the number of pages transmitted.