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BLR 5005-6. Attorneys, Trustees, and Examiners Required to File Documents Electronically; Exceptions; Emergencies.

(a) Electronic Filing by Attorneys, Trustees, and Examiners. Any document filed by an attorney, a trustee, an examiner serving in any case pending in the Bankruptcy Court, or the United States Trustee must be filed electronically, unless these Rules provide otherwise.

(b) Exceptions to Electronic Filing.

(1) Miscellaneous Documents Filed by Attorney Who Is Not a Registered User. An attorney who is not a Registered User is not required to file any of the following documents electronically: (A) a proof of claim or amendments thereto; (B) a notice of appearance in a bankruptcy case for the purpose of receiving notices; (C) a ballot on a chapter 11 plan. The exceptions for the filing of these documents do not excuse the attorney from the requirements of BLR 5005-6(a) with regard to the filing of other documents in the case and in any adversary proceeding relating thereto.

(2) Discretionary Exceptions. A Bankruptcy Judge may in his or her discretion authorize other exceptions to the electronic filing of documents and may order that certain documents not be filed electronically.

(3) Emergencies. In the event that an emergency situation prevents a Registered User from timely filing a document electronically through the Electronic Case Filing Program, such person is permitted to file the document in paper form or through alternative means set forth in the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures.

(4) Inability to File Electronically. An attorney required to file electronically may submit to the Chief Bankruptcy Judge, or his or her designee, an “Affidavit of Inability to File Electronically” certifying that he or she is unable to comply with the electronic filing requirements. The Affidavit must state the circumstances that justify an exception from electronic filing. Upon the first submission of such an affidavit, the attorney has an automatic grace period of ninety days during which the attorney is not required to electronically file documents. Should the attorney require additional time beyond the grace period, the attorney may petition the Chief Bankruptcy Judge, or his or her designee, for such additional time as may be necessary.

(5) Documents under seal. A document that a person desires to file under seal may be prepared in paper form and submitted to the Bankruptcy Clerk. The motion to file such document under seal must be filed electronically, if the filing party is required to file electronically.