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BLR 5005-5. Electronic Filing.

(a) Authorization of Electronic Filing. The Bankruptcy Clerk must accept documents for filing by electronic means in accordance with these Rules and with the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures established pursuant to BLR 5005-5(b).

(b) CM/ECF Administrative Procedures. The Bankruptcy Court may establish “CM/ECF Administrative Procedures,” which are administrative procedures consistent with technical standards that the Judicial Conference of the United States establishes for the Bankruptcy Court’s electronic case filing and docketing system. The CM/ECF Administrative Procedures include procedures concerning: (1) the registration of attorneys, trustees, examiners, the United States Trustee, and other persons to have access to the electronic docket to file documents electronically and to pay required filing fees in connection therewith; (2) safeguarding the integrity of the Bankruptcy Court’s docket and filed documents; (3) creation and maintenance of a secure mechanism for the creation and distribution of passwords to Registered Users so as to permit identification of persons filing documents electronically; and (4) establishment of procedures to provide for the functional equivalent of signatures of attorneys and other persons on electronically filed documents. Any fees collected pursuant to the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures must be consistent with the fee structure adopted by the Judicial Conference of the United States pursuant to 28 U.S.C. §§ 1913, 1914, 1926, and 1930, and other applicable law. The CM/ECF Administrative Procedures are available from the Bankruptcy Clerk and on the Bankruptcy Court’s website.

(c) Use of Passwords. With regard to passwords issued pursuant to the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures:

(1) No person shall knowingly utilize, or permit another person to utilize, a password without authorization from the person to whom it is issued.

(2) No attorney shall knowingly permit, or cause to permit, a password assigned to that attorney to be utilized by any person other than an authorized employee of his or her law firm.

(3) A person whose password is used to electronically file a document certifies that such person has authorized the filing.

(d) Consequences of Electronic Filing. Electronic filing of a document constitutes filing of the document for all purposes of the Bankruptcy Rules and these Rules and constitutes entry of the document on the docket kept by the Bankruptcy Clerk under Bankruptcy Rule 5003. When a document has been filed electronically, the official record is the electronic recording of the document as stored in accordance with the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures, and the filing party is bound by the document as filed. A document filed electronically is deemed filed at the date and time stated on the notice of electronic filing sent pursuant to the CM/ECF Administrative Procedures.