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BLR 1017-1. Failure to File Required Papers.

The Bankruptcy Court may dismiss a voluntary case under any chapter, without further notice or hearing, for failure by the debtor to file a required schedule, statement, list, or other document upon determination that:

(a) notice of the deficiency stating that the case will be subject to dismissal without further notice has been provided to the debtor, the debtor’s attorney, if any, and the trustee prior to the expiration of the deadline for filing; and

(b) the debtor has failed to file the required papers by the deadline, no request for an extension of time is pending, and neither the debtor nor any party in interest has requested a hearing thereon.

The foregoing supplements the consequences for failing to file papers timely as set forth in the Bankruptcy Code and the Bankruptcy Rules including, without limitation, those set forth in Section 521(i) of the Bankruptcy Code.