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BLR 9007-2. Service of Other Notices.

(a) Unless the Bankruptcy Court orders otherwise, the party filing a pleading or other paper that requires notice shall be responsible for, and is authorized and directed to provide, service of any notice required by the Bankruptcy Code or the Bankruptcy Rules, other than the notices specified in BLR 9007-1, except that the Bankruptcy Clerk shall serve notices if a Chapter 7 Trustee is required to serve a notice in a case in which no funds are available to pay the expense of such notice and the Chapter 7 Trustee requests that the Bankruptcy Clerk serve the notices. The party responsible for such service shall obtain a mailing list from the Bankruptcy Clerk. The moving party shall be responsible for payment of any charges unless exempt from Judicial Conference Fee Policies.

(b) Certificate of Service. Within three days of service, the party serving notices shall file a Certificate of Service with the Bankruptcy Clerk. The Certificate of Service shall be signed by the person who gave the notice, shall state the date and method of service, and shall set forth the names and addresses of entities served.

(c) Expenses of Noticing. The estate of any debtor is authorized to pay the expenses incurred in connection with the giving of any required notice hereunder, without the necessity of an order of the Bankruptcy Court. Any such payment shall be subject to review by the Bankruptcy Court and shall be disclosed in connection with any application for reimbursement of expenses.

(d) Notices to Creditors Added by Amendment. Whenever a debtor adds a creditor by amendment, the debtor must serve all creditors so added with all previously sent notices scheduling the meeting of creditors pursuant to § 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, and all notices and pleadings previously sent to all creditors whether such notices were served by the debtor, the Bankruptcy Clerk, or any other party in interest.