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BLR 9007-1. Service of Specific Notices by the Bankruptcy Clerk.

The Bankruptcy Clerk shall serve the notices required under the following Bankruptcy Rules:

(a) All notices of dismissal of a case;

(b) Bankruptcy Rule 2002(a)(1): Notice of meeting of creditors pursuant to § 341 of the Bankruptcy Code, unless otherwise ordered by the Bankruptcy Court;

(c) Bankruptcy Rule 2002(a)(8): Notice of time for filing claims;

(d) Bankruptcy Rule 3004: Notice of filing of proof of claim by the debtor or trustee;

(e) Bankruptcy Rule 3020(c): Notice of confirmation;

(f) Bankruptcy Rule 4006: Notice of denial, revocation, or waiver of discharge;

(g) Bankruptcy Rule 8004: Notice of filing of notice of appeal;

(h) Bankruptcy Rule 9014(c): Notice of entry of order regarding applicability of Rules of Part VII of Bankruptcy Rules;

(i) Bankruptcy Rule 9020: Notice of hearing on contempt;

(j) Bankruptcy Rule 9022(a): Notice of entry of judgment or order.