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BLR 7007-1. Filing of Motions and Responses in Adversary Proceedings; Hearings.

This Rule applies only in adversary proceedings and whenever the Bankruptcy Court makes Part VII of the Bankruptcy Rules applicable in a contested matter.

(a) Briefs; Affidavits. Every motion presented to the Bankruptcy Clerk for filing shall be accompanied by a memorandum of law that cites supporting authority. If allegations of fact not otherwise in the record are relied upon, supporting affidavits must be attached to the memorandum of law.

(b) Motions Pending on Removal. See BLR 9027-1.

(c) Response to Motion. Any party opposing a motion shall file and serve the party's response, responsive memorandum, affidavits, and any other responsive material not later than 14 days after service of the motion, except that the time to respond to a motion for summary judgment shall be 21 days. Failure to file a response shall indicate no opposition to the motion.

(d) Reply. A reply by the movant shall be permitted, but it is not necessary for the movant to file a reply as a routine practice. When the movant deems it necessary to file a reply, the reply must be filed and served not later than 14 days after service of the responsive pleading.

(e) Page and Type Limitations. Absent prior permission of the Bankruptcy Court, briefs filed in support of a motion or in response to a motion are limited in length to 25 pages. If the movant files a reply, the reply brief may not exceed 15 pages.

(f) Hearings. Motions will be decided by the Bankruptcy Court without a hearing, unless a hearing is ordered by the Bankruptcy Court.

(g) Expedited Hearings on Motions. Upon written motion and for good cause shown, the Bankruptcy Court may shorten the time requirements of this Rule or grant an immediate hearing on any matter requiring such expedited procedure. The motion shall set forth in detail the necessity for such expedited procedure.

(h) Effect of Noncompliance. The Bankruptcy Court, in its discretion, may decline to consider any motion or brief that fails to conform to the requirements of these Rules.