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BLR 5071-4. Attorney Conflicts: Appearances Before the Bankruptcy Court.

(a) When an attorney is scheduled for a day certain to appear in two or more courts, and the matter cannot be informally resolved with counsel for the other side or with the courtroom deputy, the attorney shall give prompt written notice as specified below. In the absence of objection from opposing counsel or the courts affected, the proposed order of conflict resolution shall stand.

(b) The attorney shall submit prompt notice of the conflict not less than seven days prior to the date of conflict to each courtroom deputy clerk for the Bankruptcy Judge, and other judge(s), together with a proposed resolution of the conflict setting forth the proposed order of matters to be tried with a listing of the time and date of each hearing or trial and the date each matter was set for hearing or trial.

(c) An attorney shall be deemed to have a conflict if the attorney certifies:

(1) the attorney is lead counsel in two or more of the actions affected; and

(2) the matters cannot be adequately handled, and the client's interest adequately protected, by other counsel for the party in the action or by other attorneys in lead counsel's firm; and

(3) after communication with counsel for the other party or parties and communication with the appropriate courtroom deputy or deputies, the conflict cannot be resolved.