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BLR 3007-1 Objection to Allowance of Claim; Service.

(a) An objection to allowance of a claim for which a proof of claim has been filed shall include in its title the name of the holder of the proof of claim and the number of the proof of claim as shown in the claims register maintained by the Bankruptcy Clerk. If an objection addresses numerous claims, the names of the holders and the claims numbers may be set forth in an exhibit referenced in the title.

(b) An objection to allowance of a claim for which a proof of claim has been filed, and notices with regard thereto, may be served on a creditor as its name appears on the proof of claim or transfer of claim. If served by mail, the mail shall be addressed to the person signing the proof of claim at the address shown thereon or, if no name and address are stated, on the creditor at its address for notices provided in Bankruptcy Rule 2002(g). If an attorney for the creditor has appeared in the case, the objection and notice shall also be served on the attorney. An objection to a claim of a governmental entity shall also be served in accordance with Bankruptcy Rule 7004. A party objecting to a proof of claim shall promptly file a Certificate of Service in accordance with the Bankruptcy Rules of (i) the objection, (ii) notice of the hearing scheduled on the objection, and, (iii) if applicable, the notice given pursuant to paragraph (c) below. The Certificate of Service must be signed by the person making service and must include the name and address of all parties and attorneys served, the dates of service, and the manner of service.

(c) A written response to an objection to allowance of a claim is required if the objecting party provides notice to the holder of the claim that substantially complies with Form 3007-1(c).