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Dial in procedures for the AT&T Reservationless Conference Call Option

  • Dial the appropriate toll-free number shown on the list below.
  • Enter the access code associated with the toll-free number.
  • Dial in at least 10 minutes before the hearing time.
  • Place all phones on mute. Under no circumstances should you place this call on hold.
  • Pursuant to BLR 5073-1, you are prohibited from recording or broadcasting  the proceedings conducted by the United States Bankruptcy Court.
  • Each time you speak, identify yourself for the record.

Chief Judge Hagenau
Toll Free Number:  888-675-2535
Access Code:  9297013

Judge Bonapfel
Toll Free Number:  888-684-8852
Access Code:  1896529

Judge Sacca
Toll Free Number:  877-336-1839
Access Code: 4770464

Judge Ellis-Monro
Toll Free Number:  877-336-1828
Access Code:  3456322

Judge Baisier
Toll Free Number:  888-557-8511
Access Code:  3347422

Judge Ritchey Craig
Toll Free Number:  888-363-4734
Access Code:  2563361

Judge Cavender
See Zoom instuctions on Judge Cavender's chambers webpage

Judge Sigler
Toll Free Number:  866-434-5269
Access Code:  7980152