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Creditor CM/ECF Registration Form

Creditors interested in obtaining access to CM/ECF in order to file electronically in the Bankruptcy Court for the Northern District of Georgia should complete the registration form below. Participants must complete the training provided by the Court and learn the basics using the training database before the Clerk will issue a login and password to the LIVE database. Training requirements may be waived, if you are currently a CM/ECF participant, in another Bankruptcy Court. More information about training will be provided after you submit your registration form.

After you submit a registration form, you will receive an email from a CM/ECF Coordinator within five business days.

Creditor Registration Form

Attention Creditors

Proofs of claims and amended proofs of claims can be filed electronically through ePOC on the court’s website. A login and password are not needed.

Benefits to Creditors include:
• Immediate electronic confirmation of their filing (filed stamped copy of claim form);
• Elimination of copying, postage and/or delivery costs; and
• Access to file claims through ePOC 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, over the Internet, with no fees.

Click HERE to file a proof of claim now throught ePOC.