Certificate of Service

Procedure Date:


Official/Local Form:

Local Form Certificate of Service

Rules/Code Sections:

General Order 25-2018

BLR 5005-7(b)

BLR 5005-8, BLR 7005-1,

BLR 9007-2,
BLR 9013-3, BLR 9014-1

How to Process

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Filing Requirements





A Certificate of Service is filed by any party, at any time, during the case to provide notification that a document has been served. Any document that requires service according to the United States Bankruptcy Code, Federal Rules of Bankruptcy Procedure or Local Rules should include a Certificate of Service (e.g. Motions, Applications, Amendments, Objections, Responses and Withdrawals, if document being withdrawn was served).


A Certificate of Service may be filed with and attached to the document being served. It is not necessary to create a separate docket event and PDF document.



·      See General Order 25-2018 for information regarding Electronic Notice Procedures for Registered Users.

·      The instructions below apply only if the Certificate of Service is being filed separately from the document being served.

·      DO NOT use this event for service required under FRBP 7004. Use event Certificate of Manner of Service Pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 7004.



Filing Requirements


·      Certificate of Service in the basic captioned format including:

o     Reference to document served

o     Parties served with name and address

o     Date and method of service

o     Signature and address of Filer





·      Ensure Filing Requirements are met

·      Select Bankruptcy

·      Select Other

·      Enter case number (xx-xxxxx)

·      Click Next

·      Select the party filer

·      Click Next

o     IF the party is not listed

§      Use Add/Create New Party

§      Click Next

·     If you see the message: IMPORTANT: The following attorney/party association(s) will be created in this case.  De-selecting a party association will result in the filing attorney NOT receiving Notices of Electronic Filing for that party. If this is a joint filing, review the list carefully to ensure that only parties represented by the filing attorneys are selected.

o     Remove the check mark from any party not represented by the filing attorney

o     Click Next

·      Select 0-Certificate of Service

·      Click Next

·      Answer the question: Are you serving a Plan, Modification Statement, or Notice of Hearing on Confirmation of Modified Plan and of Deadline for Objection to Confirmation that includes or relates to embedded requests requiring service under Bankruptcy Rule 7004?

·      Click Next

o     IF Yes, you will see the message: Do not use this event. Use Certificate of Manner of Service instead.

o     IF No, you will see the message: If you are serving a Plan or Modification Statement not requiring service under BR 7004, select the plan from the following list. If you are not serving a plan, click Next.

·      Click Next

·     You will see the message: If you selected a Plan on the previous screen - click Next - Do not re-enter the Plan information

o     If you did not select a plan, Enter the name of the document you are serving in the free text box

·      Click Next

·      Browse to select the document to be filed (PDF)

·      Click Next

·      Select the category to which your event relates

·      Click Next

·      Select the appropriate event(s) to which your event relates (Select the document being served)

·      Click Next

·      Modify the docket text by using the drop-down and free text boxes to enter additional information, if necessary

·      Click Next

·      Verify the docket text

·      Click Next