How to Add Attachments to a Filed Document


Adding attachments while filing a document


·      After reaching this step in the docketing sequence:


o     Browse to select the document to be filed (PDF)


·      To add attachment(s):


o     Select Yes by Attachments to Document

o     Click Next

o     Select one or more attachments

1)  Select the PDF document that contains the attachment

§      Select Browse to add document

2)  Fill in the fields below

§      Select the Category using the drop-down box provided

§      Enter a Description using the free-text box provided

3)  Add the filename to the list box below. If you have more attachments, go back to Step 1

§      Select Add to List

     WAIT for document to attach before proceeding

          Repeat steps 1 and 2 if you have more attachments

          Click Next


·      Continue with the remaining docketing sequence for your event