Electronic Proof of Claim (ePOC)


ePOC is an application integrated into CM/ECF for electronic filing of proofs of claim



Who can file a proof of claim via ePOC?

·  Any party in a case may file a proof of claim

NOTE: Claims are not filed in every case. Refer to the case docket to determine if a claims deadline has been set.


File a claim via ePOC at www.ganb.uscourts.gov/electronic-proof-claim-epoc


Enter case number (xx-xxxxx)



Enter the name of the creditor

·  Leave blank to choose from a list of creditors on next screen


Select the party the claim is filed by from the drop-down box

·  Creditor, Creditor Attorney, Debtor, Debtor Attorney or Trustee




Redaction Policy

·  Review all supporting documents to be attached to the claim and verify that all personal identifiers have been redacted (e.g. social security/taxpayer identification numbers, dates of birth, financial account numbers)

·  After all documents to be attached have been redacted, select I understand that, if I file, I must comply with the redaction rules. I have read this notice.

·  Click Next

·  Select the creditor

·  If the creditor name and/or address DO NOT match, select creditor not listed


Part 1: Identify the Claim

1)   Creditor Name/Who is the current creditor?

NOTE: Before proceeding, verify the debtor(s) name and case number to confirm the claim is being filed in the correct case.

·  Enter or verify the name of the creditor and the address where notices should be sent

·  Enter the filer’s telephone number, email address and other names the creditor used with the debtor


2)   Has this claim been acquired from someone else?

·  IF yes, enter from whom the claim was acquired


3)   Where should notices and payments to the creditor be sent?

·  If applicable, select Payment Address differs from Notice Address and enter the address where payments should be sent, telephone number and email address of the recipient

·  If applicable, enter a uniform claim identifier for electronic payments


4)   Does this claim amend one already filed?

·  If yes, you will see the message: NOTE-you should only amend a claim if you are the original claimant or the transferee of the claim

·  Click OK

·  Select the court claim number and filed on date from the time-stamp on the claim being amended


5)   Do you know if anyone else has filed a proof of claim for this claim?

·  IF yes, enter the name of the party who made the earlier filing


Part 2: Give Information About the Claim as of the Date the Case Was Filed


6)   Do you have any number you use to identify the debtor?

·  IF yes, enter the last four digits of the identifying number


7)   How much is the claim? (required)

·  Enter the amount owed as of the date of the bankruptcy filing (e.g. 1,000.00)

·  Does this amount include interest or other charges? IF yes, attach a statement itemizing interest, fees, expenses or other charges

·  If you have entered a claim amount of $0.00, enter a brief explanation (e.g. unknown, unliquidated)


8)   What is the basis of the claim?

·  Enter the basis of the claim (e.g. goods sold, money loaned, lease, services performed, personal injury or wrongful death, credit card)


9)   Is all or part of the claim secured?

·  IF yes, select the nature of the property (real estate, motor vehicle. IF other, enter a description of the collateral securing the claim)

·  Enter the basis for perfection (e.g. title, deed)

·  Enter the value of the property

·  Enter the amount of the claim that is secured

·  Enter the amount of the claim that is unsecured

·  Enter the amount necessary to cure any default as of the date of the petition

·  Enter the annual interest rate as of the date of the petition and select whether the rate is fixed or variable


10)  Is this claim based on a lease?

·  IF yes, and lease payments are delinquent, enter the amount necessary to cure the default as of the filing of the petition


11)  Is this claim subject to a right of setoff?

·  IF yes, enter a description of the subject property


12)  Is all or part of the claim entitled to priority under 11 U.S.C. § 507(a)?

·  IF yes, select the basis for priority claim status and enter the amount of the claim entitled to priority


Do you wish to attach supporting documentation?

·  IF yes, you will be directed to attach the documents AFTER submitting the claim

·  Attachments must be in PDF format and must not exceed 110 Mb in size

·  Multiple attachments are permitted


NOTE: Do not include a copy of a proof of claim form as an attachment.

  Part 3: Sign Below


Select the appropriate box indicating the relationship of the signer to the claimant (creditor)

·  In the free-text box, enter the name of the signer (required), the signer’s title and company/employer

·  Enter the address, telephone number and email address of the signer

·  Enter the verification code (required) exactly as it appears (e.g. all-caps)

·  Review the claim to verify that all information is correct, including the case number and name

·  Click Submit Claim


IF you indicated that you wish to attach supporting documentation

·  Click Browse to select the document to be filed (PDF)

·  If adding more than one attachment, select add attachment

·  Click File Proof of Claim

·  The final screen will indicate that your claim is successfully filed and the claim number will appear

·  Click on the claim number to view and/or print the filed claim