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Local Rules - Table of Contents

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 BLR 1001-1. Title

 BLR 1001-2. Effective Date; Transitional Provision; Revocation of Existing Rules.

 BLR 1001-3. Scope of Rules; Construction.

 BLR 1006-1. Failure to Remit Fee.

 BLR 1015-1. Related Title 11 Cases Definitions.

 BLR 1015-2. Identification of Related Cases Required.

 BLR 1070-1. Jurisdiction of United States Bankruptcy Court.

 BLR 1071-1. Divisions - Bankruptcy Court.

 BLR 1071-2. Definitions.

 BLR 2004-1. Examinations pursuant to Bankruptcy Rule 2004.

 BLR 2090-1. Admission to the Bar.

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 BLR 2090-2. Permission to Practice in a Particular Case.

 BLR 2091-1. Standard of Professional Conduct and Discipline by the Court.

 BLR 3001-1. Filing Proof or Transfer of Claim or Interest.

 BLR 3007-1. Objection to Allowance of Claim; Service.

 BLR 3018-1. Procedure for Filing and Counting Ballots in Connection with Chapter 11 Plan Confirmation.

 BLR 3022-1. Quarterly Trustee Reports and Final Reports in Chapter 11 Cases.

 BLR 4001-1. Motion for Ex Parte Relief from Stay Based on Lack of Insurance Coverage.

 BLR 4008-1. Reaffirmation Agreements of Pro Se Debtors.

 BLR 5005-1. Format Requirements.

 BLR 5005-2. Copies of Petitions and Papers.

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 BLR 5005-3. Incorporation of Pleadings.

 BLR 5005-4. Signature; Nonconforming Pleadings.

 BLR 5005-5. Electronic Filing.

 BLR 5005-6. Attorneys, Trustees, and Examiners Required to File Documents Electronically; Exceptions; Emergencies.

 BLR 5005-7. Procedures for Filing Documents Electronically.

 BLR 5005-8. Service of Electronically Filed Documents.

 BLR 5005-9. Electronic Filing of Proof of Claim or Transfer of Claim.

 BLR 5011-1. Withdrawal of the Reference: Form of Request; Place for Filing.

 BLR 5011-2. Withdrawal of the Reference: Time for Filing of Motion.

 BLR 5011-3. Withdrawal of the Reference: Copies and Required Exhibits.

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 BLR 5011-4. Withdrawal of the Reference: Responses to Motions to Withdraw the Reference; Reply.

 BLR 5011-5. Withdrawal of the Reference: Transmittal to and Proceedings in the District Court.

 BLR 5071-1. Continuances Generally.

 BLR 5071-2. Continuances: Absence of Witnesses.

 BLR 5071-3. Attorney Conflicts: Section 341 Meeting of Creditors.

 BLR 5071-4. Attorney Conflicts: Appearances Before the Bankruptcy Court.

 BLR 5072-1. Weapons Not Allowed in Courthouse.

 BLR 5073-1. Television and Radio Broadcasting, Tape Recording, or Photographing Judicial Proceedings.

 BLR 5073-2. Provisions for Special Orders in Widely Publicized or Sensational Civil Cases.

 BLR 6007-1. Abandonment.

 Page 5

 BLR 6008-1. Redemption and Avoidance of Liens: Filing and Service of Motion.

 BLR 6008-2. Redemption and Avoidance of Liens: Filing of Response Required.

 BLR 7004-1. Dismissal Without Prejudice.

 BLR 7005-1. Proof of Service.

 BLR 7007-1. Filing of Motions and Responses in Adversary Proceedings; Hearings.

 BLR 7016-1. Rule 26(f) Conference and Rule 16(b) Scheduling Order.

 BLR 7016-2. Form and Content of Consolidated Pretrial Order (Non-Jury).

 BLR 7016-3. Form and Content of Consolidated Pretrial Order (Jury Trial).

 BLR 7016-4. Pretrial Instructions: Sanctions.

 BLR 7026-1. Rule 26(f) Conference.

 Page 6

 BLR 7026-2. Discovery Period in Adversary Proceedings.

 BLR 7026-3. Service and Filing of Discovery Material.

 BLR 7037-1. Motions to Compel Discovery.

 BLR 7041-1. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution.

 BLR 7055-1. Dismissal for Want of Prosecution.

 BLR 7056-1. Motions for Summary Judgment.

 BLR 7067-1. Registry Funds, Unclaimed Funds, and Other Funds in the Custody of the Clerk.

 BLR 9001-1. Definitions.

 BLR 9003-1. Applications to Judges in Chambers.

 BLR 9003-2. Restrictions on Letter Communications to Bankruptcy Judge.

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 BLR 9006-1. Extensions of Time.

 BLR 9007-1. Service of Specific Notices by the Bankruptcy Clerk.

 BLR 9007-2. Service of Other Notices.

 BLR 9007-3. Entities Entitled to Notice; Requests for Notice; Changes of Address.

 BLR 9010-1. Admission to the Bar.

 BLR 9010-2. Permission to Practice in a Particular Case.

 BLR 9010-3. Standard of Professional Conduct and Discipline by the Court.

 BLR 9010-4. Appearances.

 BLR 9010-5. Withdrawal; Responsibilities of Party No Longer Represented; Leave of Absence.

 BLR 9013-1. Motions and Orders in Main Case.

 Page 8

 BLR 9013-2. Preparation of Proposed Orders.

 BLR 9013-3. Service of Orders and Notices.

 BLR 9013-4. Motions to Shorten Time For Notice and Hearing.

 BLR 9014-1. Proof of Service.

 BLR 9014-2. When Response or Objection to Motion or Notice Is Required.

 BLR 9015-1. Jury Demands in Adversary Proceedings.

 BLR 9015-2. Consent Procedure for Trial by Jury in the Bankruptcy Court.

 BLR 9015-3. Procedure When Parties Do Not Consent to Trial by Jury in the Bankruptcy Court.

 BLR 9017-1. Procedures Regarding Exhibits at Hearing or Trial.

 BLR 9023-1. Motions for Reconsideration.

 Page 9

 BLR 9027-1. Motions Pending on Removal.

 BLR 9029-1. Forms.