IN RE:                                                   )

Requirement That Attorneys Prepare,       )       STANDING ORDER NO. 1-MHM

Serve and File Notices of Hearings           )       AMENDED



           Beginning April 1, 2004, in any case assigned to the undersigned, an attorney who files a motion requiring a hearing, with certain exceptions described in the instructions mentioned below, must prepare, file, and serve a notice of hearing.

           Further instructions on this open calendar procedure, and the dates, times and places that particular types of motions will be heard, may be obtained on the Court's website at www.ganb.uscourts.gov (in the menu on the left side, click on Chambers and then Judge Margaret H. Murphy) (Judge Murphy=s webpage).  Because the dates and times of hearings may change periodically without notice, it is essential that an attorney check the current list before serving a notice of hearing.  The currently available hearing dates and times, and a copy of the instructions for the open calendar procedure, including a preferred form of notice, are available on Judge Murphy's webpage or by calling 404-215-1094, 404-215-1009 or 404-215-1006

           Any  motion with respect to which a hearing is not properly scheduled within 25 days of its filing may be denied pursuant to BLR 7041-1 for want of prosecution.
IT IS SO ORDERED, this the _______ day of February, 2013.




                                                       MARGARET H. MURPHY

                                                       UNITED STATES BANKRUPTCY JUDGE