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(Order granting validation of foreclosure sale conducted after Debtor filed motion to reinstate Chapter 13 case, but before no opposition order was submitted)

(Order denying Defendant's motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim due to the fact that Plaintiff's complaint sufficiently articulates a potential cause of action under section 523(a)(4))

(Order granting out of time extension for pro se debtor to file designated items on appeal, but denying motion to stay judgment pending appeal)

(Subject matter jurisdiction; core v. noncore)

Defendant holds valid judgment lien in Plaintiff's personal property located in state of Georgia.

Honorable Paul W. Bonapfel

(On debtor/defendant's motion to dismiss, Order for Plaintiff to show cause why dischargeability complaint should not be dismissed for failure to perfect service of the summons and complaint on the debtor.  Pursuant to Rule 4(m) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, made applicable by Bankruptcy Rule 7004(a), plaintiff is directed to show "good cause" or some other basis why court should not dismiss action.)

(Order denying Debtor's motion for recusal under 28 USC section 455.  Debtor has failed to set forth with particularity any facts or circumstances which evidence bias by the court.  Court has displayed no "deep-seated favoritism or antagonism" toward Debtor; adverse rulings do not establish bias for purposes of disqualification.)

(Service of objection to claim on claimant at address listed on claim but not addressed to person who signed proof of claim is insufficient.)

(Order denying plaintiff's motion to compel post-judgment discovery, motion to revive judgment, motion for contempt, and other motions.  Federal Rule 69, made applicable by Bankruptcy Rule 7069, which permits post-judgment discovery is inapplicable in this proceeding because the judgment entered by the Bankruptcy Court in 1995 was not a money judgment.  The Bankruptcy Court judgment found the state court order of restitution nondischargeable; any issues related to collection of the nondischargeable debt, including post-judgment discovery, should be addressed in proceedings to enforce the state court order in the appropriate nonbankruptcy court.)

Honorable W. H. Drake Jr.

granting, over debtor's objection, application for compensation filed by former Chapter 7 trustee against debtor's Chapter 13 estate