Case Information, including PACER
(Public Access to Court Electronic Records)


The public may view, without charge, on-line dockets and documents and paper files in the Clerk's Office.  If a case or adversary proceeding has a paper file, that file may be reviewed only in the Division in which that case or adversary proceeding is filed.  Files in fully electronic cases may be viewed in any of the Court's four offices.

The fee charged by the Clerk's Office for photocopies of documents from paper files is $.50 per page.  The fee charged by the Clerk's Office for copies of documents maintained electronically is $.10 per page.

That same information plus docket and other reports may be obtained using a computer over the Internet though the Public Access to Court Electronic Records system or PACER. In addition, in all cases filed in 2002 and thereafter and in many cases filed in 2000 and 2001 and a few cases filed in 1999, one may use PACER to view and print case documents.  There is a charge for using PACER of  $.08 per page of each document or report accessed, whether or not one prints anything.

A recent decision by the Judicial Conference of the United States Courts limits the charge for a single PDF document to 30 pages retrieved from CM/ECF sites.  Currently the maximum charge for a PDF document obtained from a CM/ECF site is $2.40 even if the document is much more lengthy. Users will receive the entire document but only be charged $2.40. This "cap" applies only to PDF documents accessed from CM/ECF sites. The "cap" does not apply to docket sheets, reports, or documents obtained from sites other than CM/ECF. Each attachment in a case filed in CM/ECF is considered a separate document, therefore, the "cap" will apply to each attachment over 30 pages.  

Detailed information about PACER, including the needed equipment, costs, etc. may be obtained on its website at  From PACER's home page, you may also obtain information about how to get information concerning cases filed in other federal courts.


Multi-Court Voice Case Information System - MCVCIS

Toll Free 1-866-222-8029.
Press 18 to access the Georgia Northern Bankruptcy Court

MCVCIS provides the public automated case information.  This voice case information system can be accessed from any touch tone telephone and is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, except for system maintenance. A computer and modem are NOT necessary to access the MCVCIS System.

New cases and adversary proceedings will typically appear in MCVCIS one to two days after filing.

MCVCIS is provided free of charge.
To access this information system and obtain information concerning Northern District of Georgia bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings, please follow the instructions set forth below.


Using a touch-tone telephone dial 1-866-222-8029. A computer synthesized voice will answer the call and ask you to select a language. Press 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.


You will then be asked to select a bankruptcy court district. For information concerning Northern District of Georgia bankruptcy cases and adversary proceedings, enter 42 (for GA) and listen to instructions.


The system allows 5 searches per call. For instructions on using the system, press 1. You may search for cases by case number, by a debtor’s name, or by a debtor’s social security or tax ID number.



To search by case number, press 2.




Enter the four digit year in which the case was filed by pressing the keys on your telephone corresponding with the numbers in the year.




Enter the last five digits of the case number.



To search by a name, press 3.

Press the keys on your telephone corresponding to the letters in the name. Use the 1 key to enter the letters Q and Z; do not attempt to type in spaces between names, or characters (such as apostrophes and hyphens) that are not letters.




For individuals, enter the last name, first name, and middle initial, if possible, followed by the # sign.




To enter the name of a company, type the company name, omitting suffixes such as Inc. and Corp., followed by the # sign.



To search by a social security or tax ID number, press 4.

Type the debtor’s full social security or tax ID number, omitting any hyphens or spaces.


MCVCIS will search the data base for the case number, name, social security number, or tax ID number entered in the System.



If the case number, name, social security number, or tax ID number entered is not found on the database, MCVCIS will respond “No matching cases were found.”

Call the appropriate divisional office for assistance.
Atlanta: (404) 215-1000
Newnan: (678) 423-3000
Gainesville: (678) 450-2700
Rome: (706) 378-4000



If one matching case is found, MCVCIS will provide the information available for that case.



If multiple cases involving the same person are found, MCVCIS will provide the information available for the most recently filed case.



If more than one matching person is found, MCVCIS will respond “Multiple matching cases were found. Please search by social security number or tax ID number.”


After providing information on the first search, MCVCIS will return you to the Main Menu. To perform another search, repeat step 3 above.


After 5 searches, you will be disconnected from the System. For information concerning additional cases, please redial MCVCIS.


General Information Available


  • Case number;
  • Name(s) of debtor(s), or principal party(ies);
  • Date the case was filed, whether a voluntary or involuntary petition was filed,
    and the chapter under which the petition was filed;
  • Name and phone number of the debtor’s attorney;
  • Trustee's name;
  • Name of the Judge to which the cases is assigned;
  • Discharge and closing dates;
  • Whether there are assets in the case;
  • 341(a) meeting date, time, and location;
  • Case status; and
  • Case disposition.

NOTE : Docket information is NOT available with this system.