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BLR 5073-1. Television and Radio Broadcasting, Tape Recording, or Photographing Judicial Proceedings.

The taking of photographs and operation of tape recorders in the courthouse and radio or television broadcasting from the courthouse during the progress of or in connection with judicial proceedings, including proceedings before a Bankruptcy Judge whether or not Bankruptcy Court is actually in session, is prohibited. A judicial officer may, however, permit: (1) the use of electronic or photographic means for the presentation of evidence or the perpetuation of a record, and (2) the broadcasting, televising, recording, or photographing of investiture, ceremonial, or naturalization proceedings.

Cameras and/or any electronic devices equipped with cameras, including cellular telephones, personal digital assistants and laptop computers, will not be allowed into the courthouses of this district except by court order or by direct escort and supervision of an employee of a federal agency whose offices are located therein.

To facilitate the enforcement of this Rule, no photographic, broadcasting, sound or recording equipment other than the recording equipment of the official court reporters, will be permitted to be operated on the floors of the courthouse occupied by the Bankruptcy Court, except as otherwise permitted by order of the judicial officer before whom the particular case or proceeding is pending.

Portable computers, cellular telephones, pagers and personal communication devices may be transported onto floors occupied by the Bankruptcy Court; however, these devices shall not be operated in any courtroom, nor shall they be operated in any public area, where their operation is disruptive of any court proceeding unless otherwise permitted by order of the Bankruptcy Court. All electronic photographic, broadcasting, sound or recording equipment brought into the courthouses shall be subject to inspection by the United States Marshals’ Service.