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BLR 5005-2. Copies of Petitions and Papers.

(a) Copies of Petitions and Papers to be Filed by Debtor. Except for a case that is filed electronically, the debtor shall file with the Bankruptcy Clerk at the Public Filing Counter an original and, in a chapter 11 case, three copies of: the original petition; the Statement of Affairs and the Schedules of Debts and Assets (the "Schedules"); and any amendment to the Schedules.

(b) Notice of Appeal from Any Order. Unless a Notice of Appeal is filed electronically, the Appellant shall file one copy with the original Notice of Appeal.

(c) Emergency Matters. Any pleading or motion that is not filed electronically and that requires immediate judicial attention shall be filed in duplicate, and the duplicate pleading shall clearly be marked, in the upper right corner, "DUPLICATE." A party filing a pleading or motion electronically that requires immediate judicial attention shall contact the chambers of the Bankruptcy Judge to whom the matter is assigned for direction as to whether a paper copy of the pleading or motion should be delivered to chambers.

(d) Copies to United States Trustee. A copy of the following pleadings and papers must be served on the United States Trustee:

(1) Applications for employment of professionals in cases under Chapter 7, 11 or 12;

(2) Applications for fees, compensation or other remuneration in cases under Chapter 7, 11, 12 or 13;

(3) Motions affecting the appointment or removal of a trustee or examiner;

(4) All pleadings in Chapter 11 cases except pleadings in adversary proceedings;

(5) All pleadings in Chapter 12 cases; and

(6) Any attorney's motion to withdraw.