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October 2010 (back to top)

New Judge
New Chief Deputy Clerk

How to File an Amendment to Schedule D, E or F
Mailing Matrix

Contacts for Correction Assistance (REVISED)
Certificate of Service
Adversary Issues

Local Rule - Pro Hac Vice
Attorney Q & A

Procedure for ECF Amendments to Amend or Correct SSN
How to file when the CM/ECF system is down


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June 2010 (back to top)

Filing Fee Payments

How to file a Motion for Ex Parte Relief from Stay
Motion to Lien Strip
Entering Statistical Data

Document Security
Questions from CM/ECF Attorneys
Attorney Change of Address

How to Amend Debtor's SSN
GANB Statistics
View Your Transaction Log


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April 2010 (back to top)

Four Divisions
Filing the Summary of Schedules and Statistical Summary data
How to File an Amendment to Schedules

Common Attorney Errors

Information for Attorney Filers

How to file a SSN/TIN Correction
How to use the CM/ECF Search feature
Q & A - Questions from CM/ECF Attorneys
Important Creditor Addresses


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December 2009
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Local Rules
Deficiency Notice
Help and Troubleshooting

Docketing Issues

Attorney Q & A
Contacts for Corrections


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August 2009
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Clerk of Court retiring

Announcing the new Clerk of Court

Improve Quality Control

Failure to Redact
Incorrect E-Order Format (how-to illustrations)
Application to Pay Filing Fee in Installments Errors
Wrong Attachment/Case Number/Debtor Name
Wrong Event Code
Amendments with Improper Format

CM/ECF Training for Attorneys

New Docket Events (military)

E-Order Sample


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March 2009
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New Chapter 7 Trustees 

Ongoing Docketing Issues


Motions & Conversions:

All about Orders and E-Orders:

Adversaries, Answers & Appeals:

Very Important Links

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October 2008
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Overview of CM/ECF upgrade to version 3.2
Questions & Answers (document order, change your e-mail, configure PDF display)
Amendments & Creditors
2007 vs. 2008 Filing Statistics
Importance of Statistical Data
How to Correct a SSN/TIN
Holiday Closings
Advertisements in ECF
Claim Filers
CM/ECF User Guide (link)
Chambers Information
Guidelines for E-Orders (where to find)
Contacts for Corrections


January 2008 (back to top)                                                                                       


Ongoing Docketing Issues - focus of this issue

What’s the Difference? - Credit Counseling Certificate vs. Certification of Financial Management Course, P-Amendment to Schedules D, E, and/or F (fee) vs. P-Schedule D, P-Schedule E, P-Schedule F; Motion for Relief from Stay (fee) vs. Motion for Relief from Stay (no fee), Withdrawal of document vs. Withdrawal of Claim, Notice of Hearing vs. Notice Rescheduling 341 meeting/confirmation/hearing

Payment of Unclaimed Funds

Avoid Duplicate Charges

Filing a Motion to Amend

When to Clear the Browser Cache

Amended Bankruptcy Forms

Requirements for e-Orders 

November 2007 (back to top)

Ten-year Anniversary Issue!

Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow - brief history by the Clerk of Court

A Note from Our First CM/ECF Filer - Susan H. Shiptenko

How CM/ECF Began

CM/ECF cartoon by attorney Larry Landry

April 2007 (back to top)

What’s New? Judges Massey and Brizendine have applied for reappointment

Common Docketing Errors - verify correct courtroom or hearing location in Notice of Hearing, how to select remaining documents for an incomplete petition, cover document needed for an Amendment, place petition documents in order before scanning, enter alias correctly, verify party names on docket match bankruptcy petition or adversary complaint, remember to file Pay Advices, Summary of Schedules - don’t leave totals blank

New Procedures - revised Policy of Redaction effective 4/16/07

From the Financial Administrator - transaction errors on outstanding fees, Credit Card Security Code

Filing Requirements (list for each chapter)

How to Clean Up Temp Files

March 2007 Statistics

December 2006 (back to top)

What’s New? 341 calendars for Ch. 7 and Summons are now auto-docketed

Common Docketing Errors - B21 not filed electronically, notify the Clerk’s office if an amendment has been filed to correct a SSN, Exhibit D is filed as part of petition, Certificate of Credit Counseling filed separately, Pay Advices filed separately, Motion to Amend not for filing Amended Schedules, Motion for Relief from Stay that requests other types of relief, using “First Request to Convert from Chapter 13 to 7", when to use the event “Reconsider Order of dismissal, Motion to”.

New Procedures - Request Audio Transcript

CM/ECF - Version 3.0 Attorney Tip Sheet (Adversary, Case Opening, Involuntary Cases, Docketing, Docket Reports, Claims, PACER

Contacts for Corrections (all divisions)

March 2006 (back to top)

What’s New? The Clerk presented a Bankruptcy Law Update 2/16/06. Reminder to check the Court’s website for news and updates, notice of deficient filing distributed, and copy of changes regarding pre-confirmation amendments to Chapter 13 plans given to attorneys in attendance. Mrs. Evans brought five things to the attorneys’ attention at the request of the Clerk’s staff.

Announcements - Atlanta Intake Counter to be remodeled and CM/ECF downtime in late March or April.

Common Docketing Errors - don’t link Ch. 13 plan to petition, Pay Advices and Means Test filing, Certificate of Credit Counseling separate, apartment or suite number in address, alias needs to be before name in case upload, enter party names same on docket as petition or complaint.

New Procedures - filing amendments to Ch. 13 Plan

Remember to File Payment Advices

Filing Requirements and Document Order List - Chapters 7, 13 and 11

2005 Statistics

October 2005 (back to top)

What’s New? Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act effective 10/17/05. Use the CM/ECF TRAIN database to practice the new events

Common Docketing Errors - timely corrections, redacting SSN, Adversary party names match, no double clicking in CM/ECF, pay charges the same day, when to choose “Payment of Fees”, message about party represented by attorney in your firm, refer to Key Word Index in Guide, only upload new creditors in Creditor Maintenance, select event with Fee when appropriate, verify your attachments, link new document appropriately, select correct chapter when filing a new petition

Filing fee increase - Adversary, Chapters 7, 11, and 13

Combining different types of documents (User’s Guide, Section 5, page 5.3-5.6)

Proposed Orders - see Chambers at the Court’s website for instructions

View Your Transaction Log - Utilities option

September 2005 Statistics

Important Notice from the Clerk - Effective 8/28/05, credit card payments through

Procedure for Electronically Filing Amendments to Amend SSN

Attorney Event List (revised 10/19/05) - related to new law listed in all CAPS (9 pages)

April 2005 (back to top)

What’s New? Timely Payment of Fees Required - Reports > Credit Card Payments Outstanding

Common Docketing Errors - Notice of Appearance (Attorney or Creditor), remember to add Aliases, confirm your address

How well do you know CM/ECF? Six questions with answers on last page

Corrections - contact list for all divisions

Voluminous Exhibits - language to use on exhibit page if not filed electronically

From the Financial Manager - three incidents that can be resolved regarding payments

March 2005 Statistics